10am - 4pm Saturday 11th February
O'Donovan's Hotel & Debarra's Folk Club

Just want to play ... turn up at your chosen venue and join in the fun.

O'Donovan's Hotel

10am - 4pm: Play Games
Backgammon, Chess, Tara, Scrabble, Bananagrams, Word-up, Shuffleboard.

12noon - 6pm: '4-player Team Event'  with TableTop Cork
Sequence, Codenames: Pictures, Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 1 Team Asia, 30 Seconds.

TableTop Cork run board games pop-up events throughout Cork. Games caf├ęs are popping up in cool cities all over the world, it’s time Cork got in on the action! We love board games, we love conversation, good coffee, nice beers, and tasty treats. At tabletop we will be combining all of these loves! Register teams at the Facebook Event or in person on the morning. Teams of up to 4 will play off against one another throughout the day, competing in a series of four games:
  • Sequence
  • Codenames: Pictures
  • Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 1 Team Asia
  • 30 Seconds
At 6pm there will be a winning team announced... Champions of the Clonakilty tabletop!!

10am - 2pm: Games School

10am - 4pm: Lego Exhibition

12noon - 2pm: Owl-Mask-making Workshop

12noon - 6pm: Team Tournament

DeBarra's Folk Club

10am - 4pm: Play Games
Catan, Carcassone, Risk, Avalon, 7 Wonders

10am - 4pm: 'Boards Less Travelled' with UCC WARPS*
Love Letter, Machi Koro, Pandemic, Dead of Winter, Dominion
* University College Cork Wargames & Role Play Society

UCC WARPS is a University society dedicated to the teaching and playing of great games. We cover board games , roleplaying games , wargames , card games and more. WARPS started 27 years ago and to this day has continued as a strong part of the gaming community in Cork. We host gaming nights every Thursday in UCC and occasionally host games days on the weekends. We also run Warpcon , an annual gaming convention held in UCC where you can find all niches of gaming culture and whose proceeds raise thousands for charity.

This year we are attending The Clonakillty Boardgame Festival, bringing with us a selection of our library of games. We will be teaching and playing games of all difficulty. From casual games like Love Letter and Machi Koro to more complex games such as, Pandemic and Dead of Winter, and all in between like Dominion. Regardless of your familiarity with games or how much time you have to spend, we will have a game to suit.