Games School

Games School
O'Donovan's Hotel
Sat 11th Feb 2017

New for 2017, Games School ... want to learn a new game? Games School is the place. Classes last 1 hour.






Please arrive in good time for the classes as they will start promptly at the scheduled time. Each class will be followed an optional 2nd hour of Practice Time in which players may practice their new skills.

Backgammon is one of the world’s truly great board games. It has been played for over 3,000 years, a testament to its enduring fascination. A friendly and social game it is a perfect blend of mathematics and serendipity. If you are new to the game you will find a very warm welcome at Clonakilty Games Festival, along with Clonakilty Backgammon Club (8pm Wednesdays, Casey's Bar, Clonakilty) and Cork City Backgammon Club (8pm Mondays, Sin é Bar, Cork City).
Learn to play in an hour ... Backgammon: Sat 11am & 2pm

Shuffleboard makes use of a long board placed on a table in which the goal is to slide 30 wooden pucks towards the end of the board and try to have them enter through small open doorways or arches into numbered scoring boxes. Each player has 3 sub-turns to get as many pucks in the scoring boxes. The boxes are numbered from left to right: 2, 3, 4 and 1. The most intriguing rule is that for each set of pucks (a puck in every box) they count double so instead of 10 points for a set you will get 20 points for each set. 
Learn to play in an hour ... Shuffleboard: Sat 10am & 1pm

Tara is a collection of multi award-winning games steeped in the ancient legends of Ireland’s Celtic heritage and royal past. Standing atop the Hill of Tara and contemplating the conjoined ringforts of Forradh and Teach Chormac, the games of Sacred Hill and High Kings of Tara were born. These unique games of pure, 3-dimensional strategy are appreciated by young and old alike; easy to learn, yet a lifetime to master, this is truly a gift to treasure and a ‘classic’ in the making.

Three further games have been added which can be played with the same components: Four Treasures, Poisoned Chalice and Stone of Destiny. All five games can be played with just the one box of components. Of course, there is a rules booklet in the box which explains everything, but the Four Treasures rules (the newest game) are only available on this website. As the various games of Tara have been developed, one or two of the rules have been standardized in order to make the experience of moving from one game to another as seamless as possible. So for the most up to date rules just check out this website - and keep coming back - and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, because more info, strategies and doubles games etc. etc. are being added regularly!

Learn to play in an hour ... Tara: Sat 12noon